Las 10 mejores marcas del mundo 2009

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2009 Ranking | 2008 Ranking | Marca | País de Origen | Sector | 2009 Valor de la Marca ($m) | Cambio en el Valor de la Marca |
1 | 1 | | UnitedStates | Beverages | 68.734 | 3% | |
| | Coca-Cola is 123 years old and shows no sign of relenting. It is the number one producer of sparkling beverages by volume and dollars. It has launched more than 700 products in2008 around the world, and its edgy campaigns continue to push boundaries, showing the rest of the marketing community what it really means to manage a brand. Worldwide relevance is what defines Coke and it has successfully maintained its diversified portfolio in more than 200 countries. This year, the company expanded its Coke Zero brand to 107 countries and launched a new message for itsmarketing campaign. The campaign, “Open Happiness,” was targeted to consumers longing for comfort and optimism in a tough time.
2 | 2 | | UnitedStates | ComputerServices | 60.211 | 2% | |
| | In this tough market, Big Blue’s revenue is at an all-time high. IBM received the most U.S. patents (more than 4,000) for the 16th year in a row, investing heavily in innovation as it continues itsprogression from a hardware provider to a software and services solutions brand. It is the market leader, with expanded presence in more than 170 countries and approximately 65 percent of revenue generated outside of the U.S. With an advertising channel on YouTube and announced plans for cloud computing, IBM effectively communicates its message to the masses.
3 | 3 | | UnitedStates | ComputerSoftware | 56.647 | -4% | |
| | 2009 marks the first year-on-year decline in Microsoft’s public history, despite a game console division that continues to be profitable. As the market matures, the giant faces stiff competition from faster, quicker rivals. In terms of browsing, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has dropped 10 percentage points in market share every two years, while Mozilla Firefoxgains 10 percentage points in the same time period. Additionally, a US $300 million ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates could have fared better with audiences. However, Microsoft’s Bing, a new search engine that launched in June to great reviews, is poised to give Google a real run for its money.
4 | 4 | | UnitedStates | Diversified | 47.777 | -10% | |
| | Despite GEslipping in its position of technology leadership, it is still better equipped to support future innovations and brand evolution than other traditional competitors, due to its ability to touch consumers on an emotional level. This year, its financial services offering has slipped, particularly the B2C business. Its media business is also threatening the brand. Additionally, GE faces competition fromSiemens. The good news is that ecomagination is still the most concise initiative towards sustainability out there, and the brand has set itself up for growth in the long-term with green technology. After losing its leadership position in medical technology this year, GE plans to mimic ecomagination’s success with its major innovation initiative “healthymagination,” which entails an investment ofUS $6 billion until 2015.
5 | 5 | | Finland | ConsumerElectronics | 34.864 | -3% | |
| | Nokia seems to be trailing behind more dynamic smartphone innovations like Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry. The N97, a flagship Nseries mobile computer that was first unveiled in December 2008, is designed to address competitive technologies but debuted in 2009 at a much higher price point thanApple’s or RIM’s new offerings. In fast developing markets, where Nokia leads in market share, the brand continues its strategy of targeting younger audiences with trendier design at a relatively lower cost. In the next year, Nokia plans to be more mindful of the U.S. market by increasing its investments and developing relationships with wireless carriers like AT&T.
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