Las luchas de la revolucion y de la independencia

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On December 31 at midnight, the celebrations in the Scottish town of Stonehaven start around a bonfire, where many fireballs seem to dance. The procession march through downtown to theharbor, where the balls are thrown burning to the sea. Join you too of a different New Year, destroying all the evil of the past year to begin again with hope for the best Celtic style.
MexicoChristmas is a very special family event. Dramas are made of the scene in which Mary and Joseph seek a place to spend the night in Bethlehem. Mary is mounted on a donkey and is accompanied by a chorus ofchildren knocking on doors to ask for lodging for the couple. Obviously, it is agreed that no accommodation offered, as it did centuries ago. Another important event is organized piñata parties forchildren
United States
As in other countries around the world living Christmas in America is time to be with friends and family, share the love and camaraderie, as well as give and receive gifts.But Christmas in the U.S. has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is an overview for which it is not started. America has long been known as the land of opportunity, hence the popularity comesfrom the mistletoe. Long ago, it was believed that mistletoe had magical powers and was used by the Celts and the Druids in their ceremonies of worship. Today is the last hope and prayer alone, forthis is thanks to the mistletoe, each gets a kiss on Christmas. Here are some tips of what should and should not be done with mistletoe: What to do: keep breath fresh and sweet. There is no excuse, thereare many mints there. What not to do: do not stand next to the mistletoe all night, waiting for something, and with a smile all the time. Perhaps you can think it is clever and smart he is, but anyperson with common sense who see the game was afoot, they are alienated and think I have much punch to the head. And now we're on the topic of punch or eggnog, "take or not take?" that is the...
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