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Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause.

loyalty definition
loy·alty (-tē)
noun pl. loyalties -·ties
quality, state, or instance of being loyal; faithfulness or faithfuladherence to a person, government, cause, duty, etc.
Etymology: ME loyaulte < OFr loialte
loyalty suggests a steadfast devotion of an unquestioning kind that one may feel for one's family,friends, or country; allegiance refers to the duty of a citizen to the government or a similarly felt obligation to support a cause or leader; fidelity implies strict adherence to an obligation or trust;fealty, now chiefly a literary word, suggests faithfulness that one has sworn to uphold; homage implies respect or honor rendered to a person because of rank or achievement, often accompanied by asense of allegiance.


Loyalty is something of value. Loyalty is a jewel that is hard to find in today's society. Think of your loyalty to an organization. People do not spend the same amountof years working for the same company, as their parents and grandparents did. Think of the marriages that end in divorce. People are quicker to terminate marriages for the smallest of issues, such as"irreconcilable differences." Loyalty is a strong force that will keep you in any relationship, whether business or personal.
Your loyalty to someone or even an organization will always have a highappraisal value. When your mate for example senses a hint of disloyalty in you, the level of trust goes down. When trust diminishes, the relationship deteriorates. The same is true for the organizationyou work for. When disloyalty is evident in you, your opportunities for growth in that organization are lost. Trust and loyalty go hand in hand.
The opposite obviously is disloyalty. So how isdisloyalty shown? Simply in what you say and sometimes what you do. Do you gather at the water fountain with other employees to bad-mouth what management is doing? Do you tell your mate's secrets to your...
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