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Christopher Columbus: A Genoese sea captain who made a daring voyage from Spain to America in 1492 in search for new trade routes with Asia.
Colony: A landcontrolled by another nation.
Hernando Cortes: A Spaniard who landed on Mexico in 1519 and was a conquistador.
Conquistador: “Conqueror”.
Francisco Pizarro: A conquistador who marched a small force intoSouth America in 1532 and conquered the Incan Empire.
Atahualpa: Incan ruler.
Mestizo: Mixed Spanish and Native American.
Encomienda: A grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas,including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it.


3. Christopher Columbus to make a daring voyage from Spain in 1492. Instead of sailing south around Africa and theeast and then east, Columbus sailed west across the Atlantic in search of an alternate trade route to Asia and its riches.
The Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria sailed out of Spanish port around dawn onAugust 3, 1492. First Encounters in the early hours of October 12, 1492, the long-awaited cry came. A lookout aboard the pinta caught sight of a shoreline in the distance. “Tierra! Tierra! He shouted.“Land! Land! “By dawn, Columbus and his crew were shore. Thinking he had successfully reached the East Indies.
4 .Because the Spanish like other explorers, was interested in gold.
5. Spain was therichest and most powerful because the colonies helped make it this way. Ships filled with treasures from the Americas continually sailed into Spanish harbors.

New France:The base of France’s colonial empire in North America, Quebec.
Jamestown: The first English colony on North America named after King James.
Pilgrims: A group of English people who founded the secondEnglish colony, Plymouth.
Puritans: A group of English people who, ten years after the Pilgrims arrived in America, established a larger colony near Massachusetts Bay
New Netherland: The Dutch...
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