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Levi Strauss is the man known as the person who gave blue jeans to our word, this phenomenal jean inventor was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1829; with a tough life as a kid, he became orphan at theage of 16 and this fact made him joy his brothers and sisters who lived in United States. In 1843, this young man sailed to New York to see his older brothers Louis and Jonas, leaving behind his nativetown. His brothers had already established a successful textile factory and were also involved in tailoring business; after spending 2 days in New York he decide to leave for the ranch of his unclein Kentucky where he spent his next five years learning English and the customs of his new homeland with the aim of, someday, take over the ranch by himself. But Levi Strauss was not a villager, he haddreams of becoming an independent businessman, And for several years he spent days walking the streets of Kentucky selling cloth from the pack of his back. He returned to New York in 1853, since hehad heard reports of gold being in California ; he persuaded his brothers to give him a supply of silk, luxury items and cloth which he planned to sell in places like San Francisco.

He also took asupply of canvas, these ones were made by Germans wheelwrights in Pennsylvania. He took a ship to San Francisco in 1850 and by the time he reached California he had sold everything he had to fellowpassengers, except for the canvas.
An old prospector told Levi Strauss that he must had brought a supply of pants since the prospecting of gold was tough and rough, that’s why Strauss cut his canvasand turned them into trousers which became an instant success and were known as “Levis”.
The success of this new piece of cloth was so overwhelming that he soon opened his own company named LeviStrauss and Co; the place was located in Battery Street in San Francisco. Later, in time, another prospector called Alkali Ike, would play a essential rule in the evolution of jeans; everytime he returned...
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