Leyenda De La Llorona En Ingles

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Legend of La Llorona
Legend has it that in a faraway village lived a young woman with her three little children, all going well, the kids were very happy and his mother loved him dearly. but a rainywinter night something terrible happened.

As I say, that night, came home the father who had abandoned long ago. Without him the family was happy and that night their cries and drunkenness wasnoted again in the house, not to mention the brutal beatings that both children and mothers suffer. She had always prayed that never come back again, but fate decreed otherwise.

With their hatred,bounced man punched the door and went screaming that everyone was to receive it, the kids were terrified, hid and mother, for the sake of their children, came face to face with her ​​husband. The womansuffered a stroke that left her senseless for several hours. When she woke up, looked for their children in every corner of the house but neither children nor her husband were anywhere, desperate, thestorm ran crying and screaming his name, spent days, months, years, years .. .

Until one night he died of sadness, no one knew anything about children, no one saw them anymore, their bodies did notshow any sign of the man or who took them.
Since then it is said that his spirit rest in peace and every night you can hear him mourn and lament with sadness around an estuary. Women run to hidebehind their children, because they have that they can bring crybaby to be happy again.

Jaime David Gómez Munguía, mejor conocido como El Tubo Gómez fue un futbolista mexicano, que jugaba en laposición de portero. Nació en Manzanillo, Colima. Militó y se volvió ídolo en las Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara. Jugó en la época del Campeonísimo donde consiguieron 7 títulos en un lapso de 9 años. Semantuvo como jugador en activo del club de 1949 a 1964.

Debuto el 5 de mayo de 1950 en el Guadalajara contra el San Sebastián de León, con Fausto Prieto como entrenador, pero no volvería jugar...
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