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Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist is born in an orphanage, her mother dies in the birth of Oliver. Oliver is forced to work in the orphanage with children who are hungry, thesechildren are disciplined by Mr. Bumble that punishes children with beatings.
One day Oliver asking for more food, mr Humble carrying off what the owners of the orphanage.Mr Bumble, Oliver decided to sell for 5 pounds.
It is bought by Mr. Sowerberry a builder of coffins. That night he sleeps between coffins and eat leftover meat, Noah anassistant oliver bother but when his mother insults Oliver hits and escapes.
Oliver goes to London where he met "cheater" .He directs with foguin an old Jew, who commandedthe boys to steal handkerchiefs. In that place, Oliver, met Nancy: (a prostitute who was the girlfriend of Bill Sikes and she works whit fougin).
One day Chiter decides toteach oliver to steal. When they are caught, cheating runs but they caught Oliver. Oliver is rescued by Mr. Brownlow, who takes him home where he lived rose who attends andgives clothes.
Fougin and Sikes decides there to catch him so as not to betray, Brownlow gives 10 pounds to Oliver to page one thing . when Nancy see oliver walking onthe street she decides to take it whit fougin.
Sikes takes Oliver to thif a house, but they find out and shoot, Sikes takes Oliver with nancy and fougin and cure it.
nancyfougin heard talking to someone who asks me to kill fougin oliver, nancy oliver is helping to save Rose and Brownlow.
Rose call the ploce and they arrest fougin, sikeskill nancy and scape but he hanged himself with the rope with which he tried to escape.
oliver is back with Brownlow and monks can not kill and thus also the erence quedarce
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