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Name: Rosa Adaly Escobar

Subject: strategies of learning a foreign language

Teacher: Patricia May Reidy Ryan

thursday november 26th 2009


To prepare myplan’s class I thought in something that I like. The United Kingdom is my favorite place in all the world, I love the culture, the monuments, the music, the food, the accent and everything in thiscountry, especially in London, that’s the reason why I chose to talk about “The Millennium Wheel” or better known as “The London Eye”. First of all I’ll give some information about the location, thecharacteristics and the design and construction, I’ll help my presentation with a power point presentation writing only important words and putting some pictures. and with that pictures then they can know alittle bit more about this amazing masterpiece. Finally give a photocopy with important information about my topic.

It’s located in London, England, at the western end of jubileegardens, between the Westminster Bridge and the Hungerford Bridge, and next to the Thames River. In the opposite side of the Big Ben.

The London Eye has a height of 135 meters, 32conditioned glazed capsules weighs 10 tonnes each one, in every capsule can accede 25 people who can be sitting in the bleachers or walking around the capsule. Each capsule representing one of the LondonBoroughs. It rotates at 26 cm per second so that the tour takes about 30 minutes. The total weight of steel in the Eye is 1,700 tonnes.

Designed by the architects DavidMarks, Julia Barfield, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Steven Chilton and Nic Bailey, the construction took 7 years with the help of the abilities of thousands of people from 5 different countries: thesteel was supplied from the UK and fabricated in The Netherlands by the Dutch company Hollandia, the cables came from Italy, the bearings came from Germany, the spindle and hub were cast in the...
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