Los dias del venado

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1.Read the following film review about “Wanted” and then solve the exercise below:

| |
|James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Terence Stamp, Thomas |
|Kretschmann, Common|
| |
|Timur Bekmambetov |
| |
|Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Chris Morgan |
| |
|18 |
|Universal |
| |
|1hr 50mins|
| |
|USA |
| |
|June 27, 2008 |
| |
|RATING: 3/5 |

“Wanted” is a cartoon-strip of a movie where there are no regulations and no laws of physics. It is based on The Graphic Novelby Mark Millar and J G Jones. Here assassins jump from skyscrapers to skyscrapers, bullets fly round walls and the hero – our little James McAvoy- gets to shoot the wings of a fly off. “Wanted” is similar to “Matrix.” Both have a lot of shooting but with McAvoy in the film there is much charm and humour.
The character- Wesley Wilson- is like Clark Kent. He has two sides to him. He is an accountmanager bullied by his female boss who makes his life really miserable. Cheated on by his girlfriend, exploited by his best friend and excessively apologetic, he lives his life taking panic attack pills. But one day he realizes that what he has thought to be panic turns out to be super sensory aptitude. He gets to know this when he is 25 and bumps into Angelina Jolie in a pharmacy.
What followsis pure adrenaline. The people at the cinema are injected with a heavy dose of violence mixed with humour.
Much of the success of “Wanted” is down to two factors: McAvoy’s talent and the director’s imagination. It is impossible to get bored. Little is original or credible in the film, but emotion is such that spectators forgive it.
By James...
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