Louis xiv

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Louis XIV, was king of France and of Navarre. His reign, during the 17th. century. He ruled from 1643 to his death in 1715, a reign that lasted72 years, the longest in european history. During his reign he raised France's power, influence and culture. He solidified French power with three wars. LouisXIV was known as the "Sun King".

The reign of Louis XIV has special transcendency in France's story. He takes unlike kings before him, Louis XIV ruledsolely without a prime minister. His wars of against Holland, Spain and the Nine Years War solidified France's power. He reorganized the navy and the army ofFrance. He put capable people or ministers in government offices or posts.

Louis XIV created new academies in the arts and sciences. The increased role ofthe press, of reports of scientific and commercial activities, of exploration and discoveries, as well as the weekly meetings of academies and salons energizedliterary, artistic, and artisan circles. In the Palace of Versailles the court life consist in how people dress, dramas, music, games. This is an evidence ofLouis XIV cultural life.

The court of Versailles was the center of political power in France from 1682. Versailles is therefore famous not only as a building,but as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy. Louis XIV built this amazing architectural monument that was the center of the government.

Louis XIV'swars and life of luxury left France with an empty treasury and a large debt. As he grew older, Louis doubted the wisdom of his many military adventures
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