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Between(Among) 1910 and 1920 Mexico was shaken by a series of fights and revolts known as Mexican revolution, which tried to transform the political and social system created by Porfirio Díaz. The Mexican revolution, which helped to form(train) the contemporary Mexico, did not have a homogeneous character, but it(he,she) consisted of a series of revolutions and internal conflicts, led bydifferent political and military chiefs who were happening in The government of the nation. In his(her,your) origins, the first revolutionary attempts inspired by Francisco I. Log, they were claiming Porfirio Díaz's overthrow, which had been kept in the power during more than thirty years. After the victory of the lumbermen, the necessary reconstruction of the country met impeded by the disputesbetween(among) the own(proper) revolutionary facial features(features).

After the murder of Log, there were new fights in which there triumphed Venustiano Carranza, who promulgated the constitution of 1917, decisive step for the organization of the condition(state) posrevolucionario. Nevertheless, the most radical sectors of the revolution supported the fight until 1920.

The revolution lumberman TheMexican revolution was born in a panorama of dissatisfaction against Porfirio Díaz's elitist and oligarchical politics(policy), which it(he,she) had favored to the most privileged estates, especially to the landowners and to the big industrial capitalists. Though the country was enjoying economic prosperity, Díaz's continuous reelections were causing political dissatisfaction between(among) thenascent middle classes, while the benefits of the prosperity had not reached to the poorest groups of the society.

Log, a rich landowner of the north of the country, proposed a formula of political commitment according to which Díaz would support the presidency and that one, from the vicepresidency, it(he,she) would initiate a process of reform. After Díaz's rejection to the offer, Log candidate forthe presidency was postulated for the choices(elections) of 1910 by the Party(Game) Antirreeleccionista, which it(he,she) was including to intellectual as Filomeno Mata and Jose Vasconcelos.

Díaz made detain his(her,your) opponent and declared itself(himself,herself) a victor in the fraudulent choices(elections) of June, but Log managed to escape of the prison and his(her,your) San Luis' famousplan published in the locality texana of San Antonio Fortune, in which it(he,she) was denouncing the electoral fraud and was inciting the population to whom it(he,she) was joining a revolt on November 20. Scanty they were the raisings in the notable date, but the call helped to encourage the later(posterior) revolt in diverse points of Mexico. In the north, in Chihuahua, Pascual Orozco and (Calm)Francisco Villa, with a few unexpected troops, started assaulting the governmental harness; and in the south, in Them Dwell, Emiliano Zapata carried out a bloody(bleeding) campaign against the local chiefs.

Other revolutionary out-standing areas were Sonorous, with Jose Maria Maytorena, and Zacatecas.
Little by little there was sinking the regime(diet) of Díaz, whose army directed by aged militarymen, could not face to the revolutionary guerrilla warfares. In the spring of 1911, after the fall of City Juárez, Díaz met obliged to give up and deliver the power to Log.

Presidency of Log After a brief provisional government, Log was an elect president in October, 1911. Initially his(her,your) regime(diet) was received keenly(eagerly) by the people(village), but soon one saw faced thedissatisfaction of the peasants, who were claiming an agrarian reform, and that of the landowners, who wanted to suffocate the radicalism of the followers of Shoe. In November, 1911, this one rebelled against Log in Them Dwell because of the delay in the restitution of the lands to the indigenous communities, point that one had resolved(reminded) in San Luis' plan. Likewise, Orozco chose in Chihuahua for...
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