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— Luxembourg,officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a

small country in northwestern Europe as part of the European Union — Luxembourg has a population of nearly half a million people over an area of 2,586square kilometers — The capital, Luxembourg City has numerous institutions and agencies of the European Union

— Although Luxembourg documented history dates back to Roman

times, isconsidered to begin to shape itself in 963 with the acquisition of Lucilinburhuc (today Luxembourg Castle) by Siegfried, Count of Ardennes. — In 1441 was incorporated into the Burgundian state —Remained in the hands of Spain until 1714 — In 1795 it was conquered by France, but after Napoleon's defeat came under the direction of the king of the Netherlands, which was erected in the Grand Duchy. — In 1940 it was occupied by Hitler. — After World War II, Luxembourg made a covenant with

Belgium and Holland, with whom she formed the Benelux (1947)

Luxembourg is a small country innorthwestern Europe as part of the European Union It is a landlocked state, being surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium. Luxembourg has a population of nearly half a million people over an areaof 2,586 square kilometers

The Capital the Luxembourg is Luxembourg.

— The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a constitutional

monarchy. Under the 1868 constitution,executive powers included in the Grand Duke and his cabinet, which consists of several ministers targeted by a Prime Minister. The Grand Duke has the power to dissolve parliament and call elections for anew one. — Legislative power is vested in the Chamber of Deputies, directly elected every five years. A second chamber, the Council of State composed of 21 ordinary citizens appointed by the Grand...
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