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When erotic fire turns into love

The bridges of Madison is a movie where the director Clint Eastwood creates, with a high esthetic sense, aromantic drama for the adult audience, when the majority of the productions target young people and their problems.
The story is about an adult passion, where a photographer, Robert Kincaid,has a three days volcanic romance with Francesca Johnson, an Italian woman who had lived for 20 years in Iowa working in a farm together with her husband and children. It is full of eroticsituations. Scenes in the movie are intelligent manipulated by the director in order to avoid the grotesque. For example when Francesca observes Robert having a bath, the camera never showshis full body.

The Italian heritage of Francesca can explain the extra doses of passion of the character, that matches perfectly well with the “macho type” played by Robert who also hasa very high spiritual sensitive that turns this fatal attraction into love as the axis of this story.
The movie can be appreciated for those who are in love, and moreover, test theirrelationships. Francesca’s children tell the story in a way that the spectator knows that a decision has to be taken, and even though the end is predictable, there is always a doubt aboutFrancesca’s final decision. There are times where everything seems to switch and that she will change her life forever. The old lady who starred “Titanic” says at the end of the movie: “ awoman’s heart hides a lot of secrets”. These secrets are part of the encounter that defines characters in life and death.
The bridges of Madison is a great story for every day life whichis a long way full of happiness and penury, where you survive penury and enjoy happiness, but at the same time one must remember that all decisions affect not only you but also the beloved.
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