Magic Essay

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Magic of latin Magia, art magic, derived in turn from Greek μαγεία (mageia and magikee), the same meaning in Spanish, probably from Old Persian magush, whichMagh-root contains: "able", "have power".
Magic focuses on the expression of some effects and not necessarily required to ascertain causes. Knowing the causes or that the effect is not extinguishedwonderful magic.
Is the existence of occult forces in nature that the magician know and use.


Astral tavel: The purpose of magic is astral influence people through the strengthand power of the astral body in the context of astral travel. According to theories of astral magic person remains attached to the astral body, which splits the physical bodythrough the silver cord, a thread of subtle matter.

The power of amulets and talismans: Talismans are objects invisible powers materials whose effects are beneficial for the wearer cientificamenrteunprovable. While the function of talismans is to bring good fortune, the amulets are designed mainly to protect the owner. Both are significant elements of magic, this complex game of supernaturalpowers and divine in man is immersed.

Ritual magic: The ritual is a sacred act that can only be understood by anyone who understands it inside. For this reason, the ritual can not reveal to theuninitiated. Rituals have always officiating gravity and solemnity. In the more or less permanent and above all, identical repetition of the ritual is the strength of the magic it contains.

ConclusionIn this essay I learned about magic and its arts.
I learned that:
The purpose of magic is astral influences exert on people through the power of the astral body.
Talismans and amulets arematerial objects with invisible powers. The talismans have the function of bringing good fortune and amulets are intended to protect the owner.
The rituals are sacred acts understood by anyone who...
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