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Weather: is what the air outside is like.

Clouds help predict weather

Temperature: is how hot or Cold something is.

This thermometer measures temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius.A rain gauge tells how much rain falls.

The Water cycle is the way water moves from Earth's surface into the air and back again.

The sun's heat makes water evaporate, or change to a gas.The gas is pushed up and meets cooler air.

Then the gas cools and condenses, or changes into tiny drops of water. The drops form Clouds.

Precipitation: is water that falls from the sky.

A)Fall: In fall the air outside may be cool. The leaves of some trees change color and drop off.

B) Winter: Winter is the coldest season. Ice can form on land and plants. Winter has the fewest hoursof daylight.

C) Spring: In spring the air gets warmer. Some places get a lot of rain.

D) Summer: Summer is the warmest season. Some places have sudden storms. Summer has the most hours ofdaylight.

Thunderstorm: is a storm with a lot of rain, thunder, and lightning.

Lightning is a flash of electricity in the sky

Tornado: is a spinning cloud with a cone shape. A tornado hasvery strong winds.

Hurricane: is a large storm with heavy rain and strong winds.

Tips for storm safety

1 get extra food and water

2 get other things you may need, such asflashlights

3 make a plan for your family and pets

4 stay inside

5 we have to look for a safe place

Matter is anything that takes up space.

Measure to find out about the size, weight, oramount of things.

Property is one part of what something is like. Some properties are size, shape, and color.

Texture is the way something feels.

Weight is a measure of how heavy somethingfeels.




El tiempo: es lo que el aire exterior es como.
Las nubes ayudan a Tiempo predicamento
Precipitación: es el agua que cae del cielo.
Temperatura: es qué tan...
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