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DKG-507 User Manual

V-01.10 (21.09.2007) Tel: +90-216-466 84 60 Fax: +90-216 364 65 65


Automatic mains failure, Engine control, Generator protection, Built in alarms and warnings, 3 phase mains voltage inputs 3 phase genset voltage inputs 3 phase genset CT inputs Engine oilpressure measurement Engine coolant temperature measurement Genset active power measurement Fuel level measurement Genset power factor measurement Periodic maintenance request indicator Daily / weekly / monthly exerciser Engine hours counter Event logging Statistical counters Battery backed-up real time clock Weekly operation schedule programs Field adjustable parameters RS-232 serial port FreeMS-Windows Remote monitoring SW: -local, LAN, IP and modem connection -monitoring, download of parameters LED displays Configurable analogue inputs: 2 Configurable digital inputs: 7 Configurable relay outputs: 2 Total relay outputs: 6 I/O expansion capability Remote Start operation available Survives cranking dropouts Sealed front panel Plug-in connection system for easy replacement Small dimensions(180x125x48mm) Low cost

DKG-507 User Manual

V-01.10 (21.09.2007)

Section 1. INSTALLATION 1.1. Introduction to the Control Panel 1.2. Mounting the Unit 1.3. Wiring the Unit 2. INPUTS AND OUTPUTS 3. DISPLAYS 3.1. Led Displays 3.2. Digital Display 4. ALARMS AND WARNINGS 5. MODES OF OPERATION 6. OTHER FEATURES 6.1. Remote start operation 6.2. Sender type selection 6.3.Engine heating operation 6.4. Service Request Display 6.5. Engine Hour Meter 6.6. Modem connection 6.7. Remote Monitoring and Programming 6.8. Exerciser 7. WEEKLY OPERATION SCHEDULE 8. EVENT LOGGING 9. STATISTICAL COUNTERS 10. MAINTENANCE 11. PROGRAMMING 12. TROUBLESHOOTING 13. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 14. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 15. CONNECTION DIAGRAM


DKG-507 User Manual


1. INSTALLATION 1.1 Introduction to the Control Panel
The unit is a control and protection panel used in gensets. It shows the measured values on its displays. The unit is designed to provide user friendliness for both the installer and the user. Programming is usually unnecessary, as the factory settings have been carefully selected to fit most applications. However programmableparameters allow the complete control over the generating set. Programmed parameters are stored in a Non Volatile Memory and thus all information is retained even in the event of complete loss of power. The measured parameters are: Mains voltage phase R to neutral Mains voltage phase S to neutral Mains voltage phase T to neutral Mains voltage phase R-S Mains voltage phase S-T Mains voltage phase T-RGen voltage phase U to neutral Gen voltage phase V to neutral Gen voltage phase W to neutral Gen voltage phase U-V Gen voltage phase V-W Gen voltage phase W-U Gen current phase U Gen current phase V Gen current phase W Gen frequency Gen total KW Gen total cosΦ Battery voltage, Coolant temperature Oil pressure Fuel level


DKG-507 User Manual
Gen frequency

V-01.10 (21.09.2007)

1.2Mounting the Unit
The unit is designed for panel mounting. The user should not be able to access parts of the unit other than the front panel. Mount the unit on a flat, vertical surface. The unit fits into a standard panel meter opening of 176x121 millimeters. Before mounting, remove the retaining steel spring and connectors from the unit, then pass the unit through the mounting opening. The unitwill be maintained in its position by the steel spring.

Engine body must be grounded for correct operation of the unit, otherwise incorrect voltage and frequency measurements may occur.
The output of the current transformers shall be 5 Amperes. The input current rating of the current transformers may be selected as needed (between 10/5 and 9000/5 amps). Current transformer outputs shall be...
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