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JobGen Plus Tutorial

From this section you will learn:
How to create a simple JobGen Plus application
How to create a complex JobGen Plus application with C language

Chapter 1 – A Simple JobGen Plus Application

Asset Management

This application is designed to facilitate the collection of current asset information for differentlocations. Each asset will be represented by an asset number. Users are to carry portable data collectors with this application and will collect asset numbers from different locations. Before users can design this JobGen Plus application, the following needs to be determined:

Data Type Each data file in the portable data collector consists of several data records. Each data record contains thesame number of data fields. Two data fields are needed in the Asset Management: Location and Asset Number. Users should decide the data type (character string or integer) for each data field.

Processes Users should outline processes that need to be performed. Asset Management application requires five distinct processes:
1. Collect Location information.
2. VerifyLocation information.
3. Collect Asset Number.
4. Verify Asset Number.
5. Edit data.

Work Flow Asset Management works in the following manner:
1. Either collect Location information or press the “F2” key to Edit the data collected in the portable.
2. Verify Location information.
3. If Location information passes the specifiedrequirement, go to step 4. Otherwise, go to step 1.
4. Collect Asset Number.
5. If Asset Number is equal to “F1” key, go to step 1. Otherwise, go to step 5. This step allows users to press the “F1” key to enter new Location information.
6. Verify Asset Number.
7. If Asset Number passes the specified requirement, go to step 4. Otherwise, go to 4.Create Asset Management

According to the above list, Asset Management applications need two Collect Nodes for the two data fields, and an Edit Node for reviewing and modifying the data collected. Also, several links will be needed to implement the transition between the Nodes. The following steps will demonstrate how to create an Asset Management application:

1. Move your mouse pointerto the Collect Node button. Click the left mouse button while the mouse pointer stays on Collect Node button. Then move the mouse pointer to where the Collect Node is going to be placed. Double-click the left mouse button.
Alternatively, you can right click on the place where you want to place the node, and a context menu will pop up. Select Collect Node to create.
2. Double-click theleft mouse button while the mouse pointer stays on Collect Node. The “Define Node [Collect]” window will appear on the screen.
3. Change the following options:

a) In the basic property, change the Name from “collect1” to “Location”.
b) Check the Start Node. This Node marks the beginning of the asset Management application.
c) In the screen > position property, select “Clear ScreenFrom Specified Location To The End Of Screen” option and type “1” and “0” in the row and column box. This option will clear everything on the target device’s screen from the row 1 / column 0 position to the last row / last column position.
d) Select the “At Specified Location” option and type in “1” and “0” in the row and column box. This option will display the input data (data entered byusers) from the position at row 1 and column 0.

4. Select the screen property. Type “Location:” in the Screen space.

5. Select the input property. The “Define Collect” window will change to the following:

6. Check “Set Data As Same As Last Record, And Complete Input”. This will allow users to enter “Location” information only once, and then continue entering “Asset Number”...
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