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ZOGIS Real Angel 220 PCI TV Tuner

User Manual

(1) User Friendly Scan function
TV Expert can be easily defined as a TV player, no matter digital or analog TV signal. Just plug in cable and scan, you get everything on cable!


Powerful channel manager
- Individual channel settings (Video/Audio format) - Channel rename/resorting - Favorite channel setting TV Expert allowsyou manage what you get from TV cable. For example, you can put PAL TV in List 1~20, SECAM TV in List 21~25, DVB-t TV in List 26~40 or whatever else you wish.


User self-defined volume for different sources.
This function prevents the sudden high-volume increase while switching different sources. Protect your ears and speaker.


Flexible remote controller setting
TV Expertsupports 3 sets of remote controls. Each remote controller can redefine every button.

System Requirement
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / Centrino 1.6 GHz or faster 512 MB or more system memory 20 MB disk space for installation DirectX 9.0 compatible video card Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista

FAQ While installing …
1. When you see the following dialog box appear on the screen whileinstalling the software:

Please click “Allow” to continue installation.

2. When you see the following dialog box appear on the screen while installing the software:

A. You might have chosen to install the wrong device, please check again the Model No. on the product package and choose the correct model in the CD Menu to install again. B. If the dialog box appears again, it could meanthe device can not be detected by the computer because the TV Tuner might not be installed. Please remove it and plug it back in and make sure the hardware is secure. Or try different PCI slot. C. If the dialog box continues to appear, please contact your dealer.

3. When you see the following dialog box appear on the screen while installing the software:

Please select

to continueinstallation.

Operate TV Expert
1 Start TV Expert
Click icon on computer desktop


An User interface will show up

Select language

Select Source

Click to set language

Click to start


First Start – Check device

! ! !

Check Digital TV Device here Check Analog TV Device here Please see the Page 20

Press Ok for next step.

TV Expert support List
Digital Capture DeviceSAA7135 Digital TV Card SAA7134 Digital TV Card SAA7133 Digital TV Card SAA7131 Digital TV Card TM6000 Digital TV DiB7700 Digital TV CX23885 Digital TV

Analog Capture Device
SAA7135 Analog TV card SAA7134 Analog TV card SAA7133 Analog TV card SAA7131 Analog TV card TM6000 Analog TV DiB7700 Analog TV CX23885 Analog TV SAA7130 Analog TV card Bt878 TV Card TM5600 Analog TV

Remark: TV Expertdoes not support 2 TV Cards in the same time. So that please do not set such as SAA7135 Digital TV Card with TM5600 Analog TV together.

3.1 Scan Channel

Select country here Select signal source Activate frequency scan Press to scan programs

Press Ok for after scan and watch your TV Program.


Function User Interface (TV)

Back to Home

Select Channel


ActivateFavorite Channel List

Select Volume


4.1 TV Control on the User Interface
Click right mouse button for Function Menu

Function Menu

4.2 Schedule Recording

Select Source Select Channel “One Time only” “Daily” ,“Weekly” Choose signal source from here - TV - Video - S Video - FM Radio (optional)
to support MPEG4 recording file format

Select Record Format Basic Format is MPEG2** More formats depend on the Codec in your PC. EX: MPEG1/2/4

PS: Please download DivX codec from

Meanwhile, any questions caused by MPEG4 format will not be guaranteed.

Set Date Set Time Set Date Set Date

Determine your PC Status after schedule record.

After Setup Click here “Add to List” to add schedule.

Press “OK” and leave, TV Expert will wake up and record...
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