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Mariana Mateos Nieto
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On Transvestites, Queens and Machos.

Mema is what they call Gerardo Ortega who lived in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotlin the D.F. He has been an activist and leader in the gay movement, and has also participated in national political campaigns. He has been a prostitute, a hairdresser, a clark, a cook and in the lastyears he has mainly worked as an AIDS educator for male sex workers.
Mema's house was a meeting place for homosexuals and transvestites in 1988, mainly young homosexual (His Lovers). Who lived inthe house of the Mema an atmosphere of freedom and acceptance about his sexual preference which they had in their homes. Which claim to be gay for two different reasons, first because it was anattraction to the same sex from young and that having suffered a second violation during his childhood. Although also harbored people in distress, as well as friends and lovers Mema.
In this book the authortries to understand the complexity of gender constructions and the organization of male homosexuality in the Mema’s House. First Prieur says the size of Mexico City where is located the delegation ofNezahualcoyotl is conducive to the formation of subcultures and sexual diversity, also that people who are in a lower social class have lower social ambitions which makes prostitution look like thebest option to succeed. The author mentions that poverty and lack of education in this area has resulted to be of greater importance to superficial things like having a good body or make money and in myview this situation may be the factor that most of the people involved in this case are young.
She also tells us that the way that forms a subculture is for example in the case of calls jacks, whena man is effeminate becomes stigmatized from the fact that they call jack, it is rejected by society and in many cases such as that of the young people living in mema house, which is rejected by...
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