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Elements of Nonfiction: Text Features

Text Features = Design elements that highlight the organization and key information of a text.

Subheadings = Signal the beginning of a new topic orsection.

Graphic Aids = Present information visually, and are frequently accompanied by captions.

Numbered Lists = Often consists of steps in a process that should be followed in order.

Subheading1- Background | Over the 11 years since the iceman mummy has been discovered by passing hikers on the Austro-Italian border, it has been examined from every possible angle. Until this past summer thatthey discovered it was not froze by a snow storm, but killed in some kind of way. |
Subheading 2- Clues Discovered | What led the archaeologists to believe that it was killed was an arrowed thatthey found buried in his left shoulder. Then since the arrow had left no blood, they apparently found out he was shot in the back, but they didn’t know who or why. |
Subheading 3- Different Theories| Johan Reinhardt an archaeologist believes it could of been murder or some kind of sacrifice, but not random, because of his experience. He says that “Ötztal Alps” were he died, was a place werepeople from mountain cultures make offerings to their gods. He also found artifacts around the mummy that he thinks that are from ceremonial practice. He thinks it was an act of ritual. Anotherarchaeologist thinks it was fleeing from an attacker and was shot on the back. |
Subheading 4- So Who Killed the Ice Man | They had to put together all of the evidence they had and look for anexplanation. Dr. Michael Charney, a forensic anthropologist, is going to reconstruct the face. Apparently it’s a woman in her mid-20. He warns it is not an identifying tool, but a trigger to see if somebodyrecognizes her. When finished, they photographed it and publish it; so many detectives could help solve the riddle. |

Answers in Complete Sentences
1. What the scientist learned from each one of...
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