Marketing In Virtualm Worlds

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NOVEMBER 6 - 2012

1. Introduction
2. Definition of Marketing in Virtual Worlds
3. “before de internet” and virtual worlds first impressions
4. Empowering companies by the use of virtual Marketing
5. Mini-cases (3)


This research consists in analyzing profoundly the way we as entrepreneurs perform our companies marketing and introduced into the virtual world in order to create a really potential image not only of ourselves, but of our enterprises. First, we are going to define our researched concept in order for readers understand easily the term if there was no knowledgeabout it and then we are going to talk about how the marketing global function was when the internet didn’t existed and the first impressions entrepreneurs had from virtual worlds. Companies all around the world have find out that internet is the bridge to communicate with strong costumers or other potential companies from different parts of the world, by this, companies have empowered themselvesbecause thick business are nowadays being held between big consumers and companies, so we are going to talk about the ways and the procedures enterprises use in order to gain local force and then fore sighting for international recognition, the only way to be truly successful in business is by establishing a good reputation and to make your reputation spread worldwide, virtual marketing is the bestmethod.


Marketing in virtual worlds, mostly known as virtual marketing is the process or the way internet is used by administrators or entrepreneurs in order to introduce your company name and other characteristics for then, introducing the products or services you provide to your clients and also is held for building relationships with other companies and potential customers.“Before de internet” and marketing in virtual worlds first impressions

Before the internet turned out to be one of the biggest inventions all around the world, companies and small business owners were limited to a local marketing, involving the performance of expensive publicity like brochures, direct letters or provisional ads. Owners at that time hoped costumers to find them by “the wordof mouth” which is a term that bases on the talking of your company or yellow pages ad and nowadays, things have changed a lot in the way that we can communicate with costumers from other countries as easy as with costumers across the town. Marketing in the virtual world has been viewed as the most effective method to introduce your company to the entire world. Companies nowadays only use virtualmarketing when they launch a new service or product because it’s for them the key to success now that humans are daily connected for example to social networks, where companies also have personal profiles like in twitter, facebook, seemi, and others.
In order to be successful in your virtual marketing process, you need to make differences and distinguish from your company competition; adistinction you can pursue online by developing the following qualities:
* Share inside knowledge with your target market;
* Participate, listen, contemplate, and offer thoughtful responses;
* Be willing to voice an opinion;
* Assume leadership positions in your industry

Marketing in virtual Worlds – Empowering Business

Empowering business managed by its administrators has turnedout to be the key to success practically in all the worldwide companies. But what is the best way to empower our company? We humans now that the virtual net is the most successful way to communicate ourselves, but not only us, also other individuals in order to create a potential image. Empowering a company is guide by its Marketing in the virtual worlds. Multinationals all around the world that...
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