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Country Profile
Economic- The greatest factor to invest in Colombia is because their GDP growth has remained constant for the past 70 years. The exports have tripled in the past eightyears ad tourism to the country has increased while it has dropped in the rest of the world. The country is on the Forbes list of best countries for business and it ranked number nine in marketperformance. It also has twelve free trade agreements with forty eight countries.
Technological-the countries technology sector has grown I the pat few years and companies like HP, IBM, and Direct TV amongother have set up operations in the country. The country also counts with a secure Internet infrastructure set up with five underwater cables and a capacity of 550 gigabytes per second.Social/Cultural-the country is located in Latin America and it has access to both oceans the pacific and the Atlantic, strategic location only three hours away from Miami, there is a variety of free trade agreementswhich give investors the potential to reach another 1.2 billion consumers.
The spoken language is Spanish and the country is preferred for IT/customer support services since the way they speak thelanguage it’s clear and understandable for customers of other countries.
The country’s schools teach English as a second language and some of them provide the same college entry exam provided in theunites states the SAT they also offer the International Baccalaureate diploma which allow students to enter the best schools.

Opportunities & risks of the market- the biggest opportunities forinvestment in Colombia re the following:
Textile industry-the country has a 0.31% share of the world market value in textile and a 0.17% in apparel production. Labor cost is among the cheapest in LatinAmerica and the country is internationally recognized for the fashion events.

Decisional process followed
Potential decisions
Recommendations and arguments
Identification of future risks...
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