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The marketing mix de our product is compound for the four “P”. There are Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

Product: Our product is an isotonic drink, it´s compound mainly with guarana fruit,because has many benefits, and is a natural energizer without risk of doping, and has many mineral salts to improve the performance the sports.

Price: the price the product is determinate by themarket, is a competitive in the industry.

Promotion: the promotion of the our product it will be a sponsor of national soccer team of Chile, trough the marketing alliance with ANFP, other way promotionour product is a tv announcement and be present in different sports activities with our product, the company will have a website.

Place: this product will be available in all country.

Plan themarketing.

Market Situation:

Actually exist tendency to a health life and the people prefer to invest in better ways to improve quality life, that´s we found in this market possibilities productlaunch, because the proyections shows that this market will increase a 30% per year, and is a pop market.

Product situation:

The product situation in our country is very competitive, becausethere are two big companies, like PowerAde and Gatorade, because they offer the same kind of product, they have 80% of the market share and the way to introduce in this market is the differentiation ofour product, offer something different, and we bet at the guarana benefits.

Competitive situation:

The competitive situation of this industry is complicated because the two major industry of themarket is dominated by isotonic drinks Powerade and Gatorade. These two competitors have between them a large percentage of the market share corresponding to an estimated 80%, looking to get ourproduct to achieve a percentage of these two companies, because the main ingredient of our isotonic drink guarana.

The consumer profile the product is the high performance sportsman, our product was...
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