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Roberto Ferguson
Assignment: Marketing Interview
Prof. Anita Miller

Person Interviewed:

• Name: Jeandery Merel
• Age: 26 years old
• Citizenship: Panamanian
• DOB: December24th, 1983
• ID: 8-802-2372
• Cell #: 507-6579-0446
• Email:
• University: Universidad Latina
• College Degree: Bachelor in Marketing and Sales• Current Employment: VFX, S.A. (Commercial Production), Casting Department

1. What exactly do you do in your job?

I work in a production company in the casting department. My work is to findtalent everywhere, do casting for projects aked by the advertising companies and our customers. The precess for a casting is that the customer requests a text or drama presentation memorized, almostalways in one or more performances, all recorded on video. Then, all the videos have to be downloaded in a program and edit them. The person responsible for casting checks the availability and terms ofthe agreement depending on the project. As responsible for casting, I do a preselection of the models with the director to assemble a presentation of pictures and videos to present to our client.Once the customer selects the talents wanted, I must call each day to confirm the trade, time, clothing and place, the day of shooting and more. I coordinate all models on time with everything that hasbeen asked.

2. What do you find to be the easiest part in your job?

The easiest thing in my job is casting people, burn video, take pictures.

3. What is the most difficult part of yourjob?

The hardest part is to have the talents and models to be professional and responsible in meeting with a project. It only takes one minimun mistake in timing or not following orders by thetalents and it iwll harm everybody involve in production, in the projuct and the casting department. Mostly me if I assigned the model.

4. Within the following options, telephone, mail, online...
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