Marlon Brando

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Copyright © 1994 by Marlon Brando All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by Random House, Inc., New York, and simultaneously in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto. PLAYBILL ® covers printed by permission of PLAYBILL Incorporated. PLAYBILL ® is a registered trademark of PLAYBILL Incorporated, New York, N.Y.Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Brando, Marlon. Brando: songs my mother taught me / Marlon Brando with Robert Lindsey. p. cm. eISBN: 978-0-307-78673-9 1. Brando, Marlon. 2. Actors—United States—Biography. I. Lindsey, Robert. II. Title. PN2287.B683A3 1994 791.43’028’092—dc20 [B] 94-15281 v3.1

To my sisters, Tiddy and Frannie; to G. L. Harrington, Clyde Warrior, and BobbyHutton; and to my children, who brought me up.

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INTRODUCTION, I received a telephone call from an old friend, the wife of a Hollywood actor and a gifted writer and actress. She asked me if she could give my private telephone number to one of her friends, but didn’t explain who it was or why. A few moments later, my telephone rang again and I heard a familiar voice say slowly: “This is Marlon Brando.” It really wasn’t necessary for him to identifyhimself. Like millions of people who had spent a sizable portion of their lives in a darkened motion picture theater, I recognized his voice. Like millions of other people during the past forty years, I had grown up with it.
IN 1988

He said he wanted me to write a book about a passage in his life during which he believed someone had terribly wronged someone he loved. A few days later I arrived at alocked gate beside Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. The gate swung open, and I followed a winding road lined with pepper trees, uncertain where I was going. Then something almost ghostly happened: it seemed that a part of the forest of bamboo next to me began to move. A gap appeared in this leafy tangle as an electric gate, camouflaged with dense foliage, suddenly swung open. It might have beena wall of granite peeling open in an Arabian Nights fantasy. The gap in the forest widened, inviting me not only to Marlon Brando’s home at the top of a mountain, but into his life. After my first visit, I returned many times to the house on Mulholland Drive and he and I became close friends. We are an odd couple: I am a journalist with an ordinary past who has been married to the same woman forover thirty years and who, while reporting from Los Angeles as a correspondent for The New York Times, acquired a passionate disdain for the shallow and self-centered egotism and puerility that afflicts most movie actors I had encountered; he is an unconventional and reclusive actor who, after nearly fifty years of public life, despises the press, has had hundreds of women in his life and told methat he hadn’t “spent more than two minutes” with any one of them. Within twenty minutes of our first meeting, he had my shoes off, my belt loosened and my fingers wired to an instrument that measured my galvanic skin response, all the while explaining that it was a technique he sometimes used to get a personality profile of people by asking questions and observing the reaction of the meter. I...
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