Martin luther kings b-day

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1.Who is the main character?
*the main character is Jamal Wilson
2.Where is he at the begginning of the story?
*the story begginngin the school
3.What assignments did his teacher give him?
*he give an pink slipe and the Happy Birthday Dr. King
4.Why is grandfather so upsetwith Jamal?
*because Jamal was fight for one right
5.Who was Rosa Parks?
*Rosa Parks is an AfroAmerican she couldn't sit in the front
in the busan she did it she got arrested.

1.Fare- the money a person must pay to travel, bus. (paisaje)
2.Protest- toexpress strong objections to somenthing. (protesta)
3.Stupendous- Amazing Marvelous. (estupendo)
4.Civil right- Relating to the legal privaleges of acitizens, as in the civil rights movement. (derechos civiles)
5.Boycott- A refusal to use buy from, or cleal with a store, company, person, or natio.(boicotear)
6.Skit- a short, usually comical theatrical or act.(esena teatral corta, usualmante cómica)

Dr. Kingwas one of the greatese leanders of the twentieth century.
After Dr. King helped organize a boycott, many Afican Americans refused to ride city buses.What Dr. King worked to achieve peace.
A person is arrested when fake into custody.
Who is the hero of the civil rights movements? Dr.Martin LutherKing,Jr.
A short perfomance is called a skit.
What did Jamal get from the principal? pink slip.
To object or complain about somenthing is to protest.
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