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Andrea Arminguay
English 57
Mrs. Aubrey

Assingment: the soldier and death question
In the story “the soldier and death”, the soldier is condemned to live an eternity on earthbecause of the things he did with the sack that he had. When his son got ill, his devil servant provided him a glass with holy water, and with the face of death in it. Wheneverdeath stood on the head of the bed, the person would die, and if death sit on the other edge of the bed then the person would survive and get better. The soldier’s son recovered from hisillness. When the Tzar got sick, death predicted that he would not survive, so the soldier said to take his life instead of the life of the Tzar. The soldier gave up his life,whatsoever, when the soldier got sick and was about to die, he ordered to death to get in the sack. He tied the sack and took it to the tallest tree so that death wouldn’t be able tocome down or ever come out of the sack again. This meant that that everyone in the world would never die again.
However, people that were old were suffering because of their age; thismade the soldier go and untie death off the sack. But when he did this death had fear of the soldier’s sack and it ran away from him and from everyone. The soldier was condemned toget old but death would not come for him. After this, the soldier went to the devil’s castle again asking them for a map to heaven. He and other souls followed the soldier on the wayto heaven; however the soldier could not go into heaven but he told another soul to keep the sack and call him from heaven so he could go in by doing so. What he didn’t know is thatthere is no memory in heaven. Everything is forgotten, so the soul forgot and the soldier could not go in heaven. As a consequence he was doomed to spend an eternity on earth.
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