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1. At the restaurant
If I were owner of a colombian restaurant , I would attend my customers with much respect , I would do felt to my customers as in your home and would do all thepossible to have a fast service’s food.
At my restaurant I would highlight all Colombian regions with creating spaces for than the people see the differences of food, clothes , speaking accents,etc…
This would be possible with pictures on the wall and files multimedia but there are much posibilities for create those spaces ...Too I would sell Colombian articles for than the peopleremember easily my restaurant and return in the future to it .
2. Music
Bambuco is the most important musical contribution’s Colombia than begin in the century XX.
Bambuco is a rhythm and danceindigenous root of the time of the Conquest and the Colony in the Andean region of Colombia. Bambuco is song and tune , gesture and movement, common denominator of the Colombian race based onexpression of feelings, locals, regional, romantic and sometimes nostalgic, expressing pride by the country.
Instruments’s stringed and percussion one used in the bambuco doing to this rhythm sweet andcaressing and doing to bambuco create subdivisions as Rajaleña, Sanjuanero and Bambuco fiestero.
Cantalicio Rojas and Jorge Villamil between other characters that more contributed to the expansion ofbambuco in Colombia.
The influence’s bambuco is so important that it gave origin to Folk Festival, National Bambuco Reign and Folklore International Exhibition development in the departament’s Huila.3. Food
First I begin saying that the name of my region is Antioquia and now than you now the name of my region I say than the dish is the typical dish of my region is the Bandeja Paisa ofunknown origin .

There are conditions for eat the Bandeja Paisa because the people eat the Bandeja Paisa any day of the week or weekend and any month of year .

Authentic or classical Bandeja Paisa...
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