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Medical Spanish Phrases
Learn Medical Spanish Phrases for your job
In todays world, more and more patience are Spanish speaking. So it is vital for doctors to learn medical phrases, terms and wordsin Spanish to be able to communicate with their patience. 
Can you imagine that you are trying to help a patient, but you do not understand what he/she is wanting to tell you? Can you imagine tryingto explain to a person that is in pain what needs to be done, in a language that your patient does not understand. To avoid these terrible situations, it is best to learn spanish for your medicalprofession. If you are a doctor, or whether you are a nurse, it is always important. you need to know the right Spanish sentences to communicate.
If you want to have the edge and get many morecustomers, you have to tap into the Spanish speaking market. But simply learning spanish will not be enough... what you need are medical Spanish phrases! You could double your popularity if you manage toconnect to hispanic clients in your clinic. Don't be shy, don't be lazy. You can do it!
A cool site for medical phrases and terms:
¿Te duele?
Are you in pain?
 ¿Es el dolor constante?
Is the pain constant?
¿Dónde le duele?
Where does it hurt?
¿El dolor es punzante?
Is the pain throbbing?
Toque el lugar donde le duele.
Touch the spot where ithurts.
¿Es un dolor insoportable?
Is the pain crushing?
¿Es un dolor agudo?
Is the pain sharp?
La cortada puede infectarse.
The cut can get infected.
¿Es el dolor leve?
Is the paindull?
María tiene los tobillos torcidos.
Maria has sprained ankles

Sí señora, su mano está hinchada.
Yes ma'am, your hand is swollen.
Es muy importante que los padres hagan vacunar a sushijos.
It's very important that parents have their children vaccinated.
Espero que pronto se te pase el dolor de cabeza.
I hope that your headache goes away soon.
Es necesario que los...
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