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Prevalence of fragmented QRS and its prognostic significance in heart failure patients of non ischemic etiology.Mónica Rocchinotti, MD; Jorge Curotto Grasiosi, MD; Bruno Peressotti; MD, Rogelio Machado, MD; DiegoAlasia, MD; Martín Lobo, MD; Cecilia Sparnocchia, MD; Diego Cordero; MD; Alejandro Degregorio, MD; Daniel Azara, MD; Horacio Ruffa, MD; Jorge Delgado, MD.Hospital Militar Central, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Background:Fragmented QRS complexes (fQRS) in the ECGs of patients with coronary artery disease are associated with adverse cardiac events. However, there are limited data on its predictive usefulness inpatients with heart failure of non ischemic etiology. Methods: we included 44patients with heart failure of any NYHA class of non ischemic etiology and ejection fraction (LVEF) < 40%, sinus rhythm and QRS ≤120 msec. The presence of fQRS on the ECGs was assessedusing standardized criteria. We excluded patients with lesions over than 50% in the coronary angiogram or a history of AMI, valvular disease, Chagas disease or amiodarona treatment. We found34% of fQRS and 66% without fQRS, and compared these groups. We evaluated: sex, age, NYHA class, left ventricular end diastolic diameter (LVEDD), left atrial diameter, septum, posteriorwall, LVEF, resting heart rate, QRS duration, and QTc. The primary end point for the study was combined all-cause mortality and hospitalization for cardiac causes. Follow up months....
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