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Carolina Arevalo Astudillo
October 26, 2012
Ann Carr

The negative side of abortion
The issue of whether the practice of abortion should be legal has been widely debated among people from allover the world. Abortion can be defined as a procedure that deliberately terminates a pregnancy. Nowadays, this issue has been commonly deliberated since many factors can be considered when discussingthis topic, such as religion, culture, economic situations, etc. Although many argue that abortion has become a safer procedure and that it allows women to be able to decide whether they want a childor not, there are many negative aspects of abortion that should be analyzed and taken into consideration.
It has been said that abortion clinics should be established worldwide since the practice iscommon even in countries where it is not legal. In nations such as the United States, Canada and other highly developed countries, abortion clinics are available to all women. According to recentstudies, the death toll of women who have abortions has decreased thanks to these legal clinics. However, it has also been proven that even legal procedures cause deaths due to the fact many of thedoctors who perform this practice are untrained in this specific area. There are few safety regulations that control abortion clinic negligence and unfortunately many people discover too late that legaldoesn’t necessarily mean safe.
Additionally, many argue that abortion has helped to keep a balance between the rising population and the amount of resources available. It is said that this procedurehas brought on many economic benefits since there are less people and more opportunities to live a better lifestyle. However, the establishment of abortion clinics worldwide would prove to be costly,especially for underdeveloped nations that have an unstable economy. This problem can be easily solved by establishing certain campaigns and centers that can help to increase awareness and teach...
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