Mercy killing

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Big Dilemma in the Life Better

Do you think lying in bed and waiting for frightening and traumatic death is a real life? In many cases when the life depends of machines andmedicines, and your life is lying in a bed. Mercy killing represents a serious dilemma in the world for many reasons. Mercy killing, well known as euthanasia, is a situation that needs plenty of thinkingand thinking for choosing the best for the patient and family. I believe there are two good reasons that mercy killing or euthanasia should be legal in some cases: degradation of life and salvationpain.

The first reason I agree that mercy killing is a way of relief when a person’s quality of life is low. First of all, live means the right to live in dignity. Live means have good health, andthe right to live free from machines and pain. Second, euthanasia can be a solution to have a peaceful death. In some cases euthanasia is the only solution when preservation of life is medicallyimpossible with insufferable physical or mental pain. In addition, mercy killing can give a better life after death. When someone is in coma, it is like a person who is living in hell. Mercy killing can helpto stop a terrible life. Thus, euthanasia helps to find peace when everything is impossible to have a good life.

The second reason I agree that mercy killing is the salvation when the patient hasunendurable pain. First, euthanasia would help to alleviate suffering in patients. Some patients when they have a low quality of life, and it is totally painful, euthanasia gives their break ofsuffering. Secondly, euthanasia can be a way for suffering from incurable diseases. Second, the patient has fatal diseases like cancer, which makes a terrible pain and leads to a painful death. Inaddition, Mercy killing helps when the patient has painful life ending. For example, when the patient has a death with agony, the euthanasia helps one die peacefully without pain. In short, euthanasia can...
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