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|Julia Hill, an American woman, was born in 1974. She was 23 years old when she discovered that a companywanted to cut down a part |
|of a forest in California. In the forest there were lots of redwood trees. One of the trees was 70 meters tall and 1,000 years old. |
|Julia wasn’t happy aboutthis. She travelled to California and climbed up the tree. If I sit in the tree, she said, the company can’t|
|cut it down. At the beginning, Julia planned to stay in the tree for two weeks. Shelived in a small tree-house and her friends were |
|very helpful-they cooked food for her every day. She used her mobile phone to talk to her family and to news reporters. She stayed in|
|thetree day and night. |
|Environment organization supported her, but other peopleweren´t on her side and they tried to stop her. The company used a |
|helicopter that stayed near her tree-house for a long time. The helicopter was very noisy and there was a lot ofwind. Julia didn´t|
|like it, but she stayed in the tree. |
|At the end, she was successful.The company agreed not to cut down the redwood. Finally, after two years and eight days in the |
|tree, Julia Hill climbed down and walked on the ground again. She and her friends were veryhappy. |
|Read the text and answer the following questions. |
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