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In today's globalized world, and especially because of the fierce competition between markets, marketing has also had to be moving forward, progressing and at the same time adapting toovercome the contrary. Every advertiser is designed to draw public attention, and almost always at the side of making the competition for this is that misleading advertising has become in practicemost commonly used by large companies.

The purpose of advertising is to change the image of the company before its target market, introducing different characteristics to the performance of thecompany in a word such advertising is exaggerated or completely false.

Unfortunately in this, our modern world, such advertising not only convinces us of the falsehoods of a product, the real problemlies in the methods that are used to be done and in particular in the deformation of the models already established by the company, for example years ago, women were not overly thin symbol of beauty, butwhat were the women of complexion half, but behind all this is misleading advertising and the many tools that are used.

When surfing the internet, you can find thousands of sites with tutorials toedit digital photographs, in particular the height, nose, lips, hair and so on. The beauty, especially women, start being distorted by digital media, that make this unrealistic beauty. Inadvertisements, magazines and others, there is no Aquilegia nose, small dark eyes, eyelashes or short, quite the contrary, a woman with all the features perfect. At first sight there is no problem introducing adigitized model, however there are two basic problems, the first is the already mentioned, cheating the public and that unconsciously think that if we use a certain brand of anti-perspirant, as alarge number of women ' those in the trade 'will be behind us, and moreover is distorting the original stereotype of beauty, as they unconsciously look for a perfection that is possible only behind a...
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