Mission Vision And Values

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PRACTICUM I: Mission, Values and Corporate Social Responsibility



-Make sustainability the hallmark of the identity of Sol Meliá and that all stakeholders associate the company with sustainability.


-Create value to all stakeholders, involving them through dialogue and partnerships.

-Create valueat Sol Meliá by making sustainability a competitive advantage, being chosen above other companies thanks to its responsible behaviour.


The Sol Meliá group’s mission is to satisfy all its stakeholders through acting responsible and as a role model for others. They aim to provide a positive experience to their guests as well as to their employees.VISION
The Meliá group aim to be in a leading position in responsible tourism and to be a decent employer. Besides they want to make profit through increasing the value of the brand and minimize the risk by investing in several related businesses such as residential tourism and the vacation club. With this they are stating a point of reference in the tourism branch.

The main value of theSol Meliá group is to offer the best quality at the best price. To satisfy their guests they provide a personalized service and started the Brand Equity project. This project aims to make the guest experience what is promised an expected by adding value to the Sol Meliá brand.
Another key value is austerity, which means acting economically simple and constantly improving themselves. This value isthe basis for the Sustainability project, which has the long-term vision to integrate sustainable actions to the business.
Concerning employees the key values are constant training and promotion. Besides Sol Meliá delegates responsibility to its employees without losing control. They provide Talent Management where the development of the personnel is supported and empowered.


The regulation of corporate governance at SOL MELIA S.A. is contained in the Company Bylaws, in the Manual of the Board of Directors and in the Internal Code of Conduct on matters concerning stock markets, which are available to shareholders and investors in company headquarters.

Currently the Board of Directors, which is the superior governing body, is formed by ten Directors.There are also three delegate committees: the Audit and Compliance Committee, the Appointments and Remuneration Committee and the Strategy Committee.

• The Audit and Compliance Committee is formed by three members. It examines the compliance with the Internal Code of Conduct on Stock Markets, the regulations of the Board ofDirectors and the corporate governance rules in general, as well as making proposals for improvement.

• The Appointments and Remuneration Committee is formed by four members. It formulates and reviews the criteria that govern the composition of the Board of Directors and the selection of its candidates.

• The Strategy Committee is formed by five members. It informs and proposes thecompany’s medium and long term strategic plans to the Board of Directors, as well as any relevant strategic decisions, actively participating in the definition and review of company strategy.


The commitment of social responsibility of the group is visible in the memories of sustainability that has been making public from 2008. In them it is possible to observethe interest of the company to incorporate the social demands that appear for his groups of interest in the area of his strategy. The motivations that stimulate his actions of social responsibility are based on strategic or competitive factors that allow him to do of the sustainability a competitive advantage.

Meliá’s social responsibility consists of a wide set of projects and programs in...
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