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e- hi
c- hello erick
e- how are you?
c- I’m fine
c- and you?
e- so- so
e- what are you doing here?
c- I’m waiting for my grilfriendbecause we are going to the cinema
e- what does she look like?
c- She’s short, and she has curly hair, brown eyes she’s beautiful
c- okbut what are you doing here
e- I’m going to the stadium, today play the Pachuca team
c- do you like the soccer
e- yes I like
c- who’syour favorite soccer player?
e- Lionel messi
c- what does he look like?
e- He´s short and slim he has brown eyes wavy hair and white skinc- he is from brazil?
e- no he’s from argentina
e- so and, what movie you are going to see?
c- we are going to see harry potter becausemy girlfriend is fanatic of  Daniel Radcliffe
c- so and that such a school?
e- well because I like learn thing new and meetfriends
c- What is your favorite class?
e- my favorite class is English because I want learn speak English
e- and you? What do you do?You Study or work?
c- I study from Monday to Friday and weekends working at
a car wash
e- I hear that spent your summer holidayin Cancun
c- yes I’m went there because I wanted see to my family
e- That sounds nice are you stayed there long?
c- yes twomonths and visit many places very beautiful .
c-my girlfriend is arriving goodbye Erick have a nice later
e- you too Carlos goodbye
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