Movimientos estudiantiles

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French, Czechoslovakia, and Mexican Student activism
Introduction: During the decade of the 60’s around the world there was an increment in the socialist movements during this period the students were a great force to be feared because of the ease to move the workers groups.
Prague Spring (1968):
The main reason of this student activism was the oppression against the college and the media,also the partial “slavery” from the URSS . The student could mobilize the worker social class and get help to their move, after this worker class gain more power than the students .In 1968 Dubcek announced a new program of decentralization, this included the abolition of censorship and the right of citizens to criticize the government, although the people needed this, the program ended with theinvasion of the Warsaw Pact members. More than 100 people were killed, and the leaders of this movement, including Alexander Dubcek, were arrested and taken to Moscow. The invasion by force led to maintain a system that has lost all credibility among the Czechoslovak population.
French’s May:
Les événements began on 22 March with a small protest in the suburban campus of Nanterre University, led bylecturer Alain Geismar and students Jacques Sauvageot and Daniel Cohn-Bendit with anarchist ideals, and next to the Situationists, was among the students. Jean Paul Sartre, philosopher, writer and dramatist, sympathizes with the leftist movements and encouraged workers to take over the factories. The flame against racial discrimination, for the "liberation of women “and for "sexual freedom”,spread to campuses already led by groups campaigning against the Vietnam War and eager to mobilize against a conservative, hierarchical, immobile society. The wave then spread to the factories, where workers staged the biggest and longest general strike in French history. After a month of protests and strikes that literally stopped the country, peace is achieved by dissolution of protest by gettingbetter salaries and conditions for workers. The University did change: the progressive students and faculty took over almost it, In factories, workers were some improvements in pay and working conditions, and unions, increase their influence.
Never forget 2nd October:
During the year a great peak of interchange of ideas because of the olimpic games taking place in Mexico contribute to generatethis movement This movement started with a great manifestation of two different groups protesting against police intervention during the fight between students at the Vocational 2 and high school students, the protest was hardly repressed by the police. Then in July 29 police and army surrounded the campuses of the Preparatoria Nacional and IPN, With a bazooka shot was destroyed colonial door HighSchool 1 (San Ildefonso) after this event, in August 4 the students have a list of request for example:”the immediately liberation of the political prisoners, Removal of police chiefs,bring to light officials guilty of the bloody events. On September 23 the government forces and students at fought at the Casco de Santo Tomas, IPN's main campus. This social movement finished with a killing ofstudents in Plaza de las tres culturas, as a consequence of this, the politics in Mexico change, the media have a little more freedom and the politic prisoners were liberated, also during this period a great peak of interchange of ideas because of the olimpic games taking place in Mexico contribute to generate this movement.

¿Cuáles fueron los movimientos estudiantiles de 1968? (s.f.).Recuperado el 24 de Enero de 2011, de
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