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Welcome to Clarion 6
Clarion 6 provides a new pre-emptive threading model, enhanced themeable wizards, advanced report output options, XML support, ADO classes and templates, enhanced SQL supportthroughout, business graphics, XP manifest support, hundreds of additional enhancements, over 1000 bugs fixes and much, much more.
There are many new language statements, and functions. The Helpsystem is now about 50% bigger than any prior release, you’ll also find that there are online videos that demonstrate how to use certain features. Look in your Clarion 6 program group for a link to theOnline Users Guide.
Please be sure to read the PDF manual “Migrating from Prior versions”. And you’ll find invaluable information in the “Multi-Threaded Programming” manual.
With this release, Clarioncontinues as the most advanced rapid development software tool on the market. Our tool set is a complete object-oriented and object-based application development environment built upon the Clarionprogramming language and proven template technology.
We would like to recognize the participating 3rd party vendors and our developers who elected to join the Early Access program. Due in part totheir focused and dedicated feedback, Clarion 6 is positioned to be the most feature rich and stable release of any previous version.
A complete PDF document set is available on the CDin the \DOCS directory, and can optionally be installed. Printed manuals are available for purchase. For pricing and purchase information please see[->0].
Release Notes:
==Note: The APP and DCT file formats have changed from Clarion 5x. If you open and save an application or dictionary with Clarion 6, you cannot open it again with any older version of Clarion. Youshould back up your .APP and .DCT files before using them in this release.

----------------- There was an issue reported whereby extra sets of caption buttons and icons sometimes appeared in the...
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