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Chewing Gum
Who: a dentist from Mount Vernon, Ohio, named William Semple,
In qu? a? o: December 1869 patent? gum
Why: People have always chewed various substances to clean your teeth, help digestion? N, prevent dizziness or simply relax. In Sweden it was discovered? a piece of "gum" 9,000 aÅ "os of tenure? age in which aÅ> No mark shows the teeth of a teenager from the Stone Age. The "candy"was a piece of sweet birch resin. The Nia "I have chewed gum since the early history of mankind.
Location & n:: Where does gum?, This story goes back on rations in the field? To the armed forces of the United States, the culprit was General Antonio L? Fish from Santa Ana, a Mexican 1830 atac? San Antonio, with his regiment, killed the men of the place, leaving women & Kids, long after? s Americanforces of Gen. Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna who moved the United States

and settled in State Island, New York [pic]

In what year: The pizza originated three thousand years ago from ancient drawings or foot rolls prepared abrasive stones. It was the kind of 'pizza' consumed in the form of small rolls or flat foot, which was the first type of bread is not consumed by humans upBecause: The custom of the Mediterranean flat breads to align with certain ingredients means that there are several possible candidates to be the origin of pizza. The truth is that the modern pizza as understood today, ie as sum of flat bread + tomato sauce + cheese does not appear in Italy until the seventeenth century.

Location: designation of origin of the European Union itself[pic]Hot-Dog

Who: the butcher Johan Georg Lahner
In what year: May 1805
WHY: In those days, many people believed that the sausages were made with dog meat. When Stevens was selling was something like "Get Your Red Hots on this cold day" (buy your red (the color of the sausage) hot in this cold day). That was the inspiration of TAD.
Location: being developed in various parts of Europe before theEuropean immigrants (especially German) to take them to the United States and became a very popular street food in the middle class.


Who: attributed to St. Pantaleon
In what year, appearing in 1830
Because: More than four thousand years the nomads of Central wore breeches tied at the waist. Shortly before the Second World War, the trousers were used only by men, the first women that usedthis piece were frowned upon by society.

The Last Supper
Who: the work of Leonardo da Vinci
In what year: years 1494-1497.
Because: The Last Supper was the last time that Jesus met with his apostles to share bread and wine before his death. Is considered for the Catholic Church that the time of institution of the Eucharist

Who: a painting by Leonardo da Vinci
In what year:sixteenth century
Because: The Mona Lisa is the portrait of history's most famous and perhaps the most famous painting of the painting occidental.10 11 Your fame is probably due to the many literary references to the various interpretations of the protagonist and the scandalous theft occurred on 21 August 1911.
Location: Leonardo brought his work to Rome and then to France, where he remained until hisdeath

Eiffel Tower
Who: Designed in the imagination of Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier
In what year: Conceived in 1884, built between 1887 and 1889 and inaugurated for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris
Location: France.

Freedom Statue
Who: Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French to the Americans in 1886 to commemorate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence ofthe United States
In what year was inaugurated on October 28, 1886
Because: At that time, the United States had just emerged from civil war which lasted from 1861 to 1865 and the country was in the midst of reconstruction. Bartholdi was hired to design a statue, which should be completed in 1876, when the centenary of American independence. In 1870, Bartholdi sculpted the first sketch in...
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