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Paola Alvarez
Global Issues
To Achieve Global Security, Should Nuclear Weapons be Abolished?
The reason to not abolish nuclear weapons would be to prevent war. Of course nuclearweapons are highly dangerous and can take thousands of lives away, but so does any other kind of war. Nuclear weapons have been made and there’s no way of uninventing them now. The fact that manycountries have nuclear weapons today, in a way prevents countries from attacking each other.
During the Cold War, for example, Europe was actually pretty peaceful because two of the superpowers hadnuclear weapons and no countries dared to do anything against them. Iraq decided not to launch missiles at Israel because they knew that if done so US would use nuclear power against them.
Countrieslike North Korea and Iraq have a poor diplomacy and they would never cooperate with other countries. UN has asked North Korea to stop making nuclear weapons and they have never agreed, in fact theyeven discontinued treaties. Terrorists in Iraq will continue to make nuclear weapons no matter what.
US nuclear weapons prevent many international conflicts. It helps their allies from othercountries threats. Another reason to conserve Nuclear weapons would be in case of any threat from space like an asteroid for example.
Nuclear weapons cost a lot but they give our country moresecurity. It prevents conflicts with other countries because they know that our economy spends a lot in creating it. It protects national economic interests.
There is a branch in the UN called TheInternational Atomic Energy Agency that is in charge of nuclear weapons. If they enforce things and sanctions for countries that do not participate, countries would be much safer from this and they wouldknow if the nuclear weapons are from a country or terrorists.
Another reason to not abolish nuclear weapons would be the fact that it is dangerous to try to get rid of it. Nuclear weapons have...
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