Museo Nacional De Antropologia

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The museum is located in Paseo de la Reforma esquina Gandhi
The museum was created by Aldofo López Mateos who was the president of Mexico and he opened on September, 1964. It has alot of old pieces of art like: the greatest sculputure dedicated to Teotihuacan´s god but also we have “umbrella” which is the symbol of the museum which is located at backyard.

In the museumrepresents the main cultures of america in the early edges like:
Teotihuacana, Maya, Aztecas, Olmecas, Tolteca, Zapotecas, etc. They show you how the live and also the traditions and their ideas oflife and religious.
They being paiting in the wall of caves their daily life but then they had started to create new ideas using stone and other materials to represent their thoughts and also how thelive.

We can see how gradually envolved over time the cultures. It is amazing the way overcome with pass of time but also we can know how they started to make art and understand about their story.We can know how they started to creat new techniques to make paint, sculputure and architecture . The were worried about how represent beauty and aesthetic.


“During the early stagesof the preclassic, a series of gradual social changes took place; the human groups began to settle in villages where they perform a great part of their activities, and the family constituted the basisof society.
The abundance of female figures, which underline their sexual attributes, denote the importance that farmers gave to the bonds between women`s and soil´s fertility. “ (museo deantropologia, 2011)

They represent associated the women with the moon and the earth because they believe that the relationship between woman, moon and earth was the fertility and menstruation cycle. In smallsculptures they represent the woman with big hips and chest. They did not made her faces with details because they represent the most important characteristics of them.


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