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Associate Performance Review
Josie Magno: Josie is a very good worker she is always accepting what you send her to do never argues with supervisors and overall she keeps up with her assignment’s most of the time occasionally she fall short on speed.

Suda Sujaritjit: Suda is great bartender and she is very experienced on her job always knows what to do need no supervision and knowshow to run function I can always trust on her if I need to leave a function that she is in while I take care of another group.

Hilda Castro: Hilda is a hard worker and great decorator very creative work pretty good the only thing is that she is a little strong when she gives advice to other coworkers.

Sara Castellanos: Sara is an excellent worker very knowledgeable and stays busy the onlyfault that I find with me is that she is not always willing to accept my judgment on work related directions or rules that we need to follow.

Maria Castellanos: Maria has experience and she is always showing the new staff on how things need to be done, hard worker and stays on top of her assigments for the other thing I want to add is that Maria also sometimes wants to kind of go with whatshe thing is right and don’t take very well when there’s is changes on something that has already been said needs to understand a little more than from time to time we have to adjust for the guests.

Lupita Flores: Lupita is very nice to everyone and great with the guest’s and hard worker she never gives me any problems when I have to make changes to the work day. A one thing she needs to workon remembering to speak a little lower close to rooms with functions and back halls
Maria Padilla: Maria P. Does great when she’s here works hard always stays a little longer if I need something fished gets along great with coworkers needs to work on not being so shied and practice more in decorative skills
Candi Reyes: Candi works pretty good and always good with the guest’s she gets distractedof what she is doing sometimes; she also needs practice on decorating skills to better her in the department.
Muoy Sayaphet: Mouy is good worker does whatever ask of her the only issue I have with her performance is that sometimes she takes too long to complete certain tasks and start helping with other assignments and I get complains from her coworkers and she sometimes don’t payattention to details on her B.E.O for the function that she works.

Cheyney Dickson: Cheyney works pretty good she’s come a long way from where she was last year to my eyes on paying attention and staying busy still there is certain coworkers that is better not pair them up.

Apple Snook: Apple is good worker and does what is ask of her I like that she always comes and ask for me to check the workassigned to her to make sure is complete knows how to set breaks and buffets sometimes she comes and ask questions when she is not sure of something.

Anu Gansukh: Anu is very hard worker and means well just sometimes when she is given directions to follow she does something that she was not told to do she has being talk to about this and she’s working on it other than that great employee.Ghasshem Mohammadipour: Ghasshem does okay takes care of the task I give him sometimes he’s a little slow but takes mi advice very good and does whatever asked of him. Misses’ opportunity’s to delight the guest’s needs to pay more attention to he’s surroundings to caught guest’s needs.

Carlos Allen: Carlos is hard worker always with a smile in his face for the guest’s needs a little helpsometimes with direction on what is asked of him to do and a great team player…

Erlinda Karcher: Erlinda is a great person with the guest’s smiling and wanting to take care of them does what is ask of her sometimes there is conflict with her and coworkers because she gets sidetracked with one thing only does not take comments very well from staff .I see that she means well but sometimes she falls...
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