Folklore de vampiros

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Listen my children to the story I’m about to tell for it is not completely a story but an old warning for those who do not believe in whatever darkness the human heart can shelter. Don’t fear the words that I’m about to repeat for they are the words of our people and the memories of our family. A remainder of the demons that live in our souls if we let them into our lives.
It started at the endof spring when the cold winds of winter started to whisper in the trees, the sky hold gray day lights and the night was sill the shelter of dreams and rest. Nothing to make anyone worry just simply mundane life’s for the people of the town I used to live in. I was still a child I did not see or understand what was happening at our home. My family own one of the Inns of the town so we were used tounfamiliar faces and situations. Papa and Momma took good care of us five siblings me been the youngest seven years at the time and one more kid on the way.
I don’t remember exactly how it happened but I do remember “her” face an unfortunate girl that worked in the place may be sixteen no older that twenty. I didn’t know anything of her only that she was strange, always angry and gloomy not thekind of person a child could get fond of. I remember that she suddenly stop coming to do her duties and the rumor that she had fled with one of the travelers circulated around the town, but no one was sure of why she had suddenly disappear with no explanation. My father took the rumors to be true and did not give any importance to the matter.
Ten days passed as if nothing had happened, but atthat tenth night it surely did. The next morning the lady next door came to asked for mamma’s help, her oldest son seem to be sick and was telling that during the night a woman came into his room by the window and asked for his name, and the poor thing had gave it to her as she lay next to him. At first they took it as a dream caused by the fever. Two more days passed and the boy kept saying that thelady comes into his room to laid next to him while kissing his wrist. One of the adults asked by chance if he knew this woman that came in his dreams the boy answer that it was “her” the girl who run away. Mamma checked his wrist; it looked like small little incisions nothing that could cause a lot of pain. Whit this the adults decided that the girl needed to be found to explain what kind ofcurse she had put under the boy, but that night the boy died while sleeping his window wide open letting the chill wind turned his body cold.
Tree days passed after the boy’s death. The men of the town started to search, for the boy before dying insisted that the girl who worked at the Inn was the one that visited at night, but nobody had seen her come back and her place looked like no soul hadbeen in there in quite some time. In our home two of my siblings had been ill, they never mention anything to the adults if the lady was also visiting them they looked scared at the very mention of the subject. It was not until the fist one who got ill died a day after that my sister told the adult in panic that “she” had been there, that she came when the night was at its darkest moment, shemention that the first time she had come “she asked for her name and laid next to her and took a bite to her wrist and that when she did that she felt weak the moment she did that. After she told what she knew the adult took the mater in ha even more seriously to find this girl that only appeared at night. Tree more young ones died during that week, the families were in panic, for only the children weredying and there was still no trace for the young woman who visit at night.
Mamma had gather the rest of my sibling and warned us “if the woman comes to visit you at night and asks for your name, do not tell her no matter how scared you are, never tell her your name!” the adults keep on searching for the woman but still nothing to be found. I lost count on how many days passed when she actually...
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