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It is any substance that when introduced in the blood nourishes the body, repairing the wear and gives energy and heat to the body, without damaging it or causing loss of its functionalactivity.
As substances or as a mixture, foods contain nutritional principles, which provide the body with matter and energy. They are energetic, because they give power; they are involved in the metabolicprocess.
Types of food
According to their chemical composition, we can establish this classification of foods:
Inorganic: do not provide energy: water, minerals and trace elements.
Along withwater, minerals are inorganic components of food, i.e., those found in nature without forming part of living beings. They are necessary for the preparation of the tissues and to synthesize hormones.Organic: immediate principles (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and vitamins. They are those types of food, in general vegetables and fruits that are produced without the intervention of chemicalpesticides, herbicides. Chemicals products are not used in the soil where this type of food is grown

Importance of foods
Never before it has been discussed and talked about the influence of a healthydiet on health as in our times. All newspapers and magazines are full of articles on the factors that make up a healthy diet, which, at times, even confuse the reader.
However, the principles of healthydiets are very simple. The key is to eat a wide variety of different foods that complement each other. This chapter provides information about the foods that provide essential nutrients for thegrowth and maintenance of the organism, as well as for the restoration of the blood, tissues and organs. Good nutrition is important for good health. Eating the correct food can protect us against sometypes of cancer and heart disease.

Evaluative comparison of agricultural production in Sucre State
In Sucre there are fish canning industries, and also industries to process coffee, tobacco and...
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