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• Capital: Windhoek

• Territorial extensión: 824.790 km2

• Population: 2.074.000 people.

• Religion: Christian (90%).

• Weather: Warm and dry, with temperatures rangingfrom 10 º C and 30 º C.
• Rivers: Cunene and Okavango in the north and the Orange in the south.

• Languages: English. Also, speaking Afrikaans, German, Herero, kwanyama and other minoritylanguages.

• Political System: Republic.

• Head of state: President Hifikepunye Pohamba.

• Head of Government: Prime Minister Nahas Angula.

• Total GDP (Gross DomesticProduct): 10.715 millons US $

• Ínflation: 6,7 %

• Imports: 3.340 millones de US $ (Food, construction materials, manufactured goods)

• Main suppliers: South Africa (86%), Germany(1.9%), United Kingdom (1.2%)

Exports: 2.990 millones de US $ (Minerals, beef, cattle and fish)

• Major customers: United Kingdom (35.3%), South Africa (30.9%), Spain (13.1%)

Major tradingpartners:

South Africa, United States, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom

• International Organizations to which:

-ACP:Assists in the coordination and implementation of policies foreconomic treatment prefencial and economic aid to countries in the region by the European Union.

-COMMONWEALTH:establish processes of consultation and cooperation in the best interests of theircitizens and promoting understanding and world peace.

-UA: Achieve greater unity among African states, defend the integrity and independence of states; accelerate integration at political, social andeconomic, promote international cooperation, promoting democratic principles and institutions that support.

-BAD: Help reduce poverty, improve living conditions for Africans and mobilize resources forAfrica’s economic and social development.


1. To facilitate the cross-border movement of goods between the territories of the Member States;
2. To create effective, transparent...
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