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This essay treats about the emergence of the thought neo conservative and the objectives that they follow also the strategies for which insert in the power elite to be able to apply the political in the govern of the United States. On the other hand they speak to themselves about the consequences that the politics might have neo conservative in case they have no success.

The terrorist attackson September 11, 2001, and the subsequent war of Iraq, served as the new moment in which it was begun by the effort to rearrange the relations of being able on a global scale. These attacks were an opportunity for the United States. It presents an opportunity because the exterior American politics has been based in locating an enemy who in last century would have been the communism and thatnowadays the enemy is the terrorism the United States justifies his interventionism in the world.

The question is who does this politics? What do they want whit this Foreign policy? According whit Irving Kristol the foreign policy made it after the September 11 it is in hands on a group that we know as the neoconservatives according whit Kristol the neo conservatives pretends a new kind ofconservative politics suitable to governing a modern democracy. (Kristol, neoconservative persuasion) this group moves en three lines in the politic, economic and military line. (This group belongs to what Mills calls the power elite).

They also have another kind of strategy to make the foreign policy and it is the “think tank”. Whit this corporations and institutes they formulate their objectives,their can be more closely whit the government and in consequence have more influence whit the power elite.

The neo-conservatives break with the liberal vision of the globalization , many ideas made it by the think tanks they are tied to the commerce, the politics and principally to the protection of the national interests in the international ambience. The pretext of the protection of thenational interests has to see with the attack of September 11 and in consequence of that they have been based on a strong military politics against the terrorism, at the freedom of the nations and on interspersing the democracy in the whole world.

The events of September 11 serve as pretext to impulse the dissertations neo conservative that legitimize the use of the preventive force beforecorrective. The power elite guide by neo conservatives maintains the hegemonic of the United States in the international affairs.

The strong military policy provokes a constant interventionism around the world and also a constant war that maintains the hegemony of the United States in the international foreign policy. The hegemony that exercises the United States on others depends on the political andfinancial control in addition to the ideas that sustain. Clearly the idea that sustains the United States is the constant war against the terrorism.

For the United States it is important to sustain a strong military policy, the military power that it possesses guarantees the global supremacy and transform the United States in an empire that dictates the political international policy aroundthe world.
Another way of supporting the supremacy is by doing a unilateral politics whit other countries they are against the multilateralism they have separate the world and in this way they can do the politics more convenient in accordance with the national interests.

In the other hand the United States has justified his interventionism saying that they had to spread the democracy and thefreedom in the whole world but the reality is different. The United States does not matter if there is democracy or freedom in the world the important issue for them are to keep on being the name of the first world potency, to support his empire, to obtain the natural resources of other countries as it is the case of the Iraq whit the “gulf war” and to control the half east as it is the case of...
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