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NetBeans Demos: GUI Builder, VWP, Profiler, Web Services & WSIT, Ruby on Rails
Sang Shin Java Technology Evangelist Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The presentations & hands-on labsare available from You can try all the demos I show today yourself through hands-on labs!

• • • • • • NetBeans GUI builder (10 minutes) NetBeans Visual Web Pack (10minutes) NetBeans Profiler (15 minutes) Web Services and WSIT (10 minutes) JRuby on Rails (10 minutes) NetBeans has a lot more!!!


NetBeans GUI Builder (Matisse)

NetBeans GUI Builder (Matisse)• Issues with building GUI without Matisse
> > > > >

Swing APIs are complex Resizing and Alignment are hard Locale handling is hard GUIs behave differently over different OS platforms Native look& feel is hard

• NetBeans GUI Builder handles all these for you!
> Guidelines provided at design time to help with placing and

sizing controls > Adjustments made at runtime for user's look &feel and locale

• Huge development time saving

Demo Scenario: Contact Editor


Building Web Applications using NetBeans Visual Web Pack(VWP)

NetBeans Visual Web Pack
• Based on JavaServer Faces UI component model • Drag and drop UI components in a designer window
> IDE generates source code

• Event driven programming model• Comes with many ready-to-use components (Project woodstock)


Demo Scenario: Travel Manager


Web Services Wizard

Demo Scenario• Make a POJO class Web service with @WebService annotation (code-completion, context-sensitive Javadoc on annotations) • Deploy and test the Web service right within the IDE • Access WSDL documentof the Web service • Create and run Web service client


Demo Scenario: HelloWebService


Web Services Interoperability Technology...
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