Never mess with lolo

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Never mess with Lolo

I never thought that coming back to life after death in another form of life, like an insect or an animal or anyhow was true, until one night I had a piece of Lolo’s heavyhumor.

Where I come from people say that fireflies and glowworms are spirits of non-resting in peace lost souls, but I never believed in it. In the neighborhood I grew up in is a little bridgewhere, according to our grand and great grand parents, lives Lolo the big firefly. They say that Lolo was a guy who used to live in the house right next to that little bridge and that he was well-known byhis heavy humor. They also say that he was killed by a guy who he had made a bad joke to and that after his death he came back as a big firefly and that he doesn’t like to be disturbed and if you diddisturb him in any way he would give you a taste of his heavy humor.

I used to have a friend who lives on the other side that bridge and every time I went to her house, late at night, her grandparents used to tell me Lolo’s story, which I never believed, and right before I left the house they would tell me to be careful with Lolo.

One dark and foggy night I went to her house and when Itried to leave her grand mother begged me to sleep over because it was too late to be on the streets and I told her that I didn’t have my mom’s permission to stay over and I left. While I was crossingthe bridge I felt the curiosity to see what could had happened if I tried to bother Lolo. So stopped in the middle of the bridge and started saying things like “Lolo you think you are tough but lookat you, you are nothing but miserable, small, weak firefly”, and “why you decided to reincarnate in a firefly instead of doing it in lion or a tiger or some other powerful animal?”. Suddenly, I sawthis greenish firefly coming up from under the bridge and was coming towards me. I stared running to my house as fast as I could thinking that it coming after me, but I was mistaken. When I got home I...
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