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New Moon

New Moon, is the second out of four books of the Twilight saga. In this book, her author Stephenie Meyer, tells how Bella and Edward continue withtheir romance. This book is really good because, in contrast with Twilight, New Moon have more characters and character development.

The main topic in New Moon is somehow complicated. I think themost important event in New Moon is when Edward leaves Bella, because this makes Bella suffer a lot and do crazy things all over the book. Edward leaving Bella makes her character grow as a human, andgives her the freedom and opportunity to be friend or something more with Jacob Black.

The narrator of new moon is Isabella Sawn. In her case we have a first person protagonistnarrator. This is quite obvious because while reading the book, you only know what Bella knows. You only know her thoughts, and she really thinks a lot.

I think this is the best kind of narrator becauseyou don’t get lost, you go wherever she goes. I personally rather this kind of narrator because, the storyline is more deep and less complex.


* Bella.- She is the protagonist andthe narrator of the story. She is the most important character of the story, because it is her story, its all about her.

* Edward.- In New Moon, he is the antagonist, because he makes Bellasuffer a lot by leaving her.

* Jacob.- He is a secondary character. In some part of the book he becomes the protagonist because he is always with Bella, but as the story continuous he gets lessimportant.

* Jasper.- He is a secondary character. He is very important at the beginning of the story, because of something he does, Edward left Bella.

* Alice.- She is a secondary character.Her importance is more at the end of the book, in the black moment to be more precise.

* Rosalie
* Emmet
* Esme
* Carlisle
* Laurent
All these five characters are secondary/...
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