The Twilight New Moon Movie

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New Moon begins with Bella's eighteenth birthday. Not a very good day for her because it becomes greater than Edward. Although Bella does not want to celebrate his birthday, Edward and his sister Alice, which becomes friend in Twilight, manage to convince her to go to the Cullen mansion. Birthday ends in disaster when Bella makes a cut on a finger opening a gift. That blood awry Jasper, whoattacks, however fails to morderla.Bella digs crystals in the arm and Dr. Cullen heals. Later Edward tells Bella that she would be better and safer without him, his family and his dangerous lifestyle and decide to leave Forks, and leave her alone for their protection. We believe it does not feel anything for her, saying that "it will be as if it never existed."

Bella falls into a deep depression.This is the moment when his father, desperate for his behavior, threatens to send her to live with her mother. Bella then tries to overcome her sadness. One day, her friend invited Jessica, who had stopped to see her relationship with Edward, to Port Angeles to watch a movie and eat algo.Después seeing the movie, saw four men outside a bar. Bella approached them, not sure why (she thought were menof the first book, but those who threaten Edward comes to save her), currently listening to Edward's voice in her head. He soon realizes that being exposed to danger allows you to hear your voice.

Jacob begins to approach, felt with him a little comfort to your dolor.Con he does many things, reconstruien two bikes, to go together in them .. All for the voice of Edward.Hasta who become closefriends. Near you Jacob, La Push, youth practice "cliff diving" into the sea, and Bella has a desire to do the same.

Jacob is about to become the best friend of Bella when they stop returning your calls. She, unable to understand what happens, you start getting depressed again, until he decides to go to La Push and face.

Also, discover that Victoria (belonging to a vampire clan that attacked himat the end of the novel Twilight) has returned to take revenge for the death of her beloved James, who was killed by the Cullen family.

Bella decides to practice alone for cliff diving to hear Edward's voice but was unaware that he was about to unleash a storm and the waves were very big and is at sea fuertes.Cuando hears Edward orders not to give up and keep swimming, but Bella surrenders tothink that their suffering will end well, but Jacob saves her.

When you get home you realize that maybe she could try something with Jacob, be like Paris in Romeo and Juliet, as she muses about the possibility Edwad hear the voice that says "be happy".

After a day in La Push, Jacob will leave their hogar.De Bella Bella suddenly sees outside his home Carlisle's Mercedes. She asks Jacob to lether go, she says no and she tells him she wants to go, and Jacob refuses to let Bella go order one, but not before saying "I hope you do not die Bella".

Entering home realizes that Alice is the one inside. Bella made to mourn over this Alice while she wonders how he is alive, if she saw her jump (by your gift of seeing the future), Bella explains everything that happened since the Cullens leftForks. When you realize that Jacob is a werewolf, Alice wonders if that's why I did not see him when he was rescued from drowning, since Alice can not see in their visions to the werewolves. Jacob called to see if it is true that Bella is still alive, but it hangs in check.

Two days after the arrival of Alice to Forks, Bella and Jacob visit warns that while some of the Cullens in Forks thismay not protect the werewolves outside the reserve, at which time the phone rings and answers Jacob, Bella looks like is strained to hear the voice on the other side of the handset and the only words he says are "not home" "the funeral is in the" when Bella hangs demands to know who he was and he said it was Carlisle, but then Alice tells him the truth that Edward had called was to ask for...
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